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Confessions, October

If you’re new here, confession day works like this: I make an ass out of myself admitting to dumb shit, and then you add your own in the comments, and we all have a big laugh.

Let’s do this.  By the way, the first one is so embarrassing, so I’m just going to go ahead and get it over with.  Let’s rip the band aid off.

1) When we took our childbirth classes (Bradley Method), they emphasized kegels.  Thousands, and thousands of kegels.  I swear I did them in my sleep.  As a result, I had a pelvic wall of steel by the time Jack was born.

But…before we took those classes in my third trimester, I had a wee bit of what you might call “a puking problem”.  Puking pretty much defined my life from 8-22 weeks of pregnancy.  And some times when you puke really hard, a wee little bit of pee comes out.  So, one day, when we were still in Los Angeles, I was driving to get a pedicure (this place is amazing, super clean, has FREE parking, is in a great neighborhood, and I used to get pedicures next to celebrities for $25), and I puked in my car.  I had a bucket, so I didn’t puke all over the place, but while I was puking, I peed a little bit.

Knowing that when you’re sitting in a pedicure chair, your crotch is in near proximity to the lovely person doing your toes, I did the only thing I could think of.  I used my organic mint essential spray hand sanitizer, and spritzed my crotchal region.

I know you know where this is going, and I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.  About 20 minutes in to the pedicure, my crotch was on FIRE.  I could barely get through the massage, and was begging them to just paint my toes already.

2) We have a slider off of our kitchen that takes you to our deck.  We keep our recycling bin right outside of the door.  We put stuff in there about 15 times a day.  I’m embarrassed to admit that at least four times a week, I forget that the screen door was closed and then the slider door was closed, and I run my face right in to the closed screen door.  I mean, you’d think by now, I’d figure out to LOOK to see if the screen door is between my face and the recycling bin.

3) If you are insane enough to let a child read my blog, please turn them away from it now…



My sister works with our town’s local Santa.  She is going to tell let Santa know a few specific items about Jack and my nephew, so that this year when we go, they’ll think he is truly watching them all year.  It helped one of her friend’s kids believe for a few extra years than normal.

4) Middle age male softball players confound me.  They play with so much aggression, and act like they are truly trying out for the World Series.  They just take it so seriously.

5) The mirror in the women’s bathroom at our church is incredibly flattering.  It shaves at least 1-2 pounds off of my thighs.  Even if I don’t have to pee, I find an excuse to go in to the bathroom at least once while we’re at church.  It’s a lovely way to start to start my week.

6) I have unsubscribed from the Martha Stewart email newsletters probably 15 times, and for some reason, that woman still has me on her list and I get a daily email.

Martha Stewart, your “unsubscribe” button is not a GOOD THING.

7) Our school district has all-day kindergarten that you can pay for, or free half-day kinder.  The full-day option is about 15% of what I paid for daycare/preschool, so it was a no-brainer for me.  Due to Troy and my work schedules, we’re usually able to take and drop Jack off at school one to three times a week.  The other days, Jack is at before and after school care at a daycare center.  He catches the bus to and from daycare.  He LOVES riding the bus.

I was talking to a parent at a school event, and her son was in kindergarten too.  I asked her if her son was in all-day, or half-day, and she said “half-day of course”, like all-day was a dirty word.  Then she found out that Jack rode the bus, and I think she puked in her mouth a little bit in horror.  I wanted to say “it’s a 15 minute bus ride, and an extra 2.5 hours of school lady.  It’s not a North Korean death camp”.  Sheesh!

8) After five years of taking Jack to daycare, and then backtracking and going to work, I am LOVING my solo commute.  It was nice to have Jack with me (and the carpool lane buddy aspect was amazing), but in our current life situation, my alone time is pretty limited.  Having an hour to listen to my audiobooks (library for the win), and not have to talk about Nerf guns is pure bliss.

9) I think that the snooze alarm is the dumbest ever invention.  The idea of being woken up, and then being woken up again nine minutes later is torturous.  It’s really just a horrible idea.

That being said, I’m happy to leave the house five minutes early, just so I can sit in the parking lot at work before having to go in.

10) One day, at my parent’s house, Jack had to pee, but Troy was already in the bathroom.  Jack bounded in, and then I heard Troy say “want to sword fight”?  I d this term before, but clearly never understood it.

After they came out, I was mentioning something about sword fighting in public bathrooms, and was that weird doing it in front of people?

Troy and my brother-in-law Brian kind of looked at me like I was growing a second head.  I believe it was Troy who slowly said “what exactly do you think sword fighting is”?

I started by saying “it’s when dudes use their dongs as swords, right”, while my sister nodded her head in agreement.

The look on their faces should have been captured to be placed in a time capsule, so that in 300 years, men would know how absolutely clueless women are about what goes on in a mens bathroom.

Troy said (very slowly, like he was talking to an extremely stupid person), “you mean to say, you women think we go in to bathrooms and hit each other with our dicks”?!?!?!?!

And it’s true, it is what I thought was going on, and based on my sister’s expression, she was also not clued in on the real situation.

Just to avoid anyone else in having to be in our shoes and feeling very clueless about sword fighting…sword fighting is when people of the male persuasion use their pee stream to “sword fight” in the communal urinal.  Troy is sitting next to me right now making sure I emphasize that you all know that males are AT LEAST one foot apart from each other at all times when doing this.  And he says there is a cut off age at about 10 years old.

Yeah, cause that’s less weird?

Your turn!!

Homemade Mondays week 104

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Meal plan for October 27th – November 2nd

Can we all talk about the 48 pound elephant in the room?

Thanks all for the thoughtful and civil comments yesterday about my post related to the morning Facebook shit storm.  I’d love to collectively answer some questions/comments that came up a lot.

1) Did you take Jack to the party, and did he have cake?

Answer: You bet your ass I did.  He went, behaved very well, and had a tiny sliver of cake.

2) Does Jack have ADHD (or any variation of implying it)?

Answer:  This is something we have been monitoring since he turned three, and every ped/expert we have spoken to says he absolutely does not have it.  They say that any medication they’d prescribed wouldn’t “cure what ails him”.

3) How are you holding up?  Don’t let those people get you down.  Don’t change how you post.

Answer (to don’t let those people get you down): my sister sent me a text asking if I was ok and letting me know not to be upset by the comments.  Here was my response: “I am seriously ok.  Only I have the power to let people make me feel shitty, and I reuse to let that happen”.

Answer (to how are you holding up?): Just fine!  By having a blog, I choose to put myself in the “public” eye.  It is a decision I have made, and some days the big girl panties are a little more uncomfortable than others, but always my skin thickens.  Also, when people choose to get low, nothing makes me laugh harder or better says “go fuck yourself” than refusing to sink to their level.  Truly I feel that civility is the biggest way to demonstrate that your behavior doesn’t mean you get to get me down.

Answer (to don’t change how you post): I absolutely won’t.  I’ve been an over-sharer from the time I could talk, and I don’t intend to change that because some people spent the morning forgetting what it is like to have civil discourse and treat people like a human being.  I am who I am, and the negative doesn’t get to win.

A few of my good friends texted me today saying they were pissed at many of the comments, etc.  I simply said “eh, don’t worry about it.  And it’s a great thing that so many people are perfect parents and never have their own issues”.  I’m looking forward to some new parenting books being written…

4) Have you talked with a doctor, counselor, etc.?

Answer: yes.  In fact Jack had a ped appointment early yesterday morning, and I asked for referrals to an occupational therapist and they also gave me one for a behavioral counselor.  I really want to give Jack the chance to prove his own idea (the FOCUS chart for his desk) has a chance of working.  If his reports are good next week, I’ll be happy, and if they’re decent moving forward, I’ll be thrilled.  But, if they’re not, I’m more than happy to look at external resources.

Let’s say next Saturday we start talking about politics, gun control, spanking, and religion, ok?  Seems like it would be less controversial than not letting your kid have dessert for two weeks!

Let’s move on and get back to what this blog is about, ok?  Fart jokes, frugality, and food!

I seriously have the decorating bug right now.  I can’t stop planning and visualizing what our space is going to look like at the end of this remodel.   To actually have ownership of something and get to turn it from beige, white, and tan to something fun and bright is so exciting to me!!!!  My friends have described my “decorating” style as “post Hoarders.  You know, how after everything is cleared out…”, and that is something I absolutely own.  Clutter is not my friend, so you will not see “after” shots of rooms of our house with pretty vases, and do dads.  Just ain’t gonna happen.  Not only do those things collect dust, but anything in our house must withstand the constant onslaught of Nerf attacks.

Every day I find something and send it to Troy, and I get a “surrrrreeeee…?” in response.  Not so helpful that one.

This week I became the proud owner of (at least) $150 Dansko boots, for the huge price of free.  Someone I work with purchased brand new Danskos on Craigslist, only to find out they didn’t fit her.  She didn’t feel like reselling them, and being something with giant feet, I was gifted some boots.  She won’t let me pay her for them, so I delivered the first of many dozens of eggs to her on Thursday.

They’re not exactly my style, and something I would never purchase myself, but the price tag (free), combined with the extreme comfort I felt when putting them on, was pretty fabulous!


Earlier this week, Troy’s back was sore, so I squirreled away downstairs to surprise him with a DIY backwarmer.  Troy has a huge broad back, so I needed to make this big as well.  We didn’t have any cheap rice, so this sucker is stuffed with lentils, and three kinds of dried beans.  If the zombies attack tomorrow, we’re cutting this thing open in a few months.  Tiny Roku remote there for size comparison.


A funny thing happens when you make a giant backwarmer…it ends up not fitting in the microwave!  We have to put this on a cookiesheet in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.  It’s so nice and warm though, and I foresee using it for snuggling when it’s cold out this winter.

With the change in weather, I’ve found that I love having a hot drink in the car with me on the way to work each morning.  I get one fancy coffee stand drink per week, and have since the dawn of time.  I always get it on Wednesday, which is double stamp day, and bring my own mug for $.25 off the drink.  It’s part of my routine (and budget), and something I look forward to all week.  My current drink of choice is a “Chai Nog”, which is a spicy chai tea latte made with egg nog. It is exactly how it sounds – amazing and pure fat in a cup.  The local coffee stand I go to uses Smith Brothers Farms products, so the “nog” is essentially locally made, and oh so delicious!

But, for every other morning, I make my own tea “latte”.  I’ve been drinking Republic of Tea’s chocolate peppermint tea for awhile now, and recently ran out.  When purchasing more, I found this beauty, and you bet your ass I bought it.  And it’s delicious!!


Hot red velvet cupcake tea, with about 1/4 cup of creamy raw milk, and a teaspoon of raw local honey, almost makes my commute enjoyable.  ALMOST.

Our power went out last night thanks to a giant windstorm, so the lad took a long time to fall asleep. Don’t fear anyone (who already questions my parenting); those are battery operated candles.  Costco for the win!  Those things on his fingers are raver lights from Amazon that are always fun to play with, but especially useful during windstorms.  I purchased these for the kids at Jack’s preschool last Valentines day, and they were a huge hit with everyone.  And yes, my kid sleeps in the buff.


Jack was pretty nervous about how dark it was, so I ended up bunking with him last night.  Here is a live shot of blog writing, with one very passed out boy.


Are you ready to talk about a meal plan?  Let’s get to it!

Monday:: Beef stew, salad, and biscuits.  No, we don’t love this so much that we keep having it, it just keeps not getting made!!!!  We were supposed to have it Saturday, but things got shifted around last week, and that’s when we ended up having popcorn dinner.

Tuesday:: Troy’s fabulous hamburgers, grilled zucchini (the farm where I buy our milk still has fresh zukes for sale!), and chipotle sweet potato fries.

Wednesday:: Homemade Rubens, salad, and skillet spuds.  So fun to use the potatoes from the garden that I grew this past spring!

Thursday:: Breakfast dinner was so simple last week, and we’re repeating it again this week.

Friday:: Homemade pizza (and salad) before we set out on our candy hunt.  Jack is still deciding whether to donate his extras to the Candy Fairy, or a local dentist who buys back candy.

Saturday:: Popcorn and movie night!

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.  We’ll contribute a side, dessert, or appetizer per usual.

We have been getting the best organic red grapes from an independent fruit stand lately.  They’re super expensive, but a delicious treat for Jack’s lunch all week.  I paid $7 for some more this week, and I’m sad to say they’re TERRIBLE.  Ugh, what a waste!  I spent $24.91 at our local butcher for breakfast sausage, hamburger, and stew meat (I bought a lean cut of beef, and they nicely chopped it up for me), $3.50 at our local farm for raw milk, and $27.10 at the grocery store.  We’re hitting up Costco before my parents, and need a few items that will probably end up around $50 ish.

What are you having this week?

Let them eat cake…?

Back when we moved in to this house, I quickly looked at the hall bathroom and realized it wouldn’t work for my mom.  For you see, she needs an ADA toilet, and the existing one was way too short.

So, we picked out a new toilet, and Troy and my father-in-law set to work at replacing it.

Then we realized that the vanity was too large for my mom’s wheelchair to make it in the bathroom.  So, we decided to replace the vanity.

Then, since we were replacing the vanity, my father-in-law pointed out that the old linoleum might get damaged with ripping things up, and we should just replace that too.

What started out as needing a new toilet, became a bathroom with just sub-flooring and a shower.  I kept walking by saying “how in the world did we end up here from something so simple”.

That’s kind of how I feel today.  I apparently started a weird shit storm on Facebook with what I assumed was a simple question.  And yes, we all know what happens when we assume, right?

Before I go in to what happened, I need to take you back, way back. (cue time machine music).

From the time my kid could use his body independently, he’s been using it to touch other people.  He is a very tactile kid.  Some of those touches were good, and some were of the “ok, you’re not being nice” variety.  He cannot run in a group of people without elbowing someone who is close to him, and he cannot walk by a friend or someone who looks upset without hugging them, giving them a high five, etc.

The idea of a space bubble is something we’ve worked on for years.  YEARS.  He’s been in two preschools, and now kindergarten.  And I’ve shared my past struggles with you all in this space.  I’ve shared how my kid is always the high-energy touchy one.  I’ve never once proclaimed to know how to do this mom thing.

At preschool it was “these are things to work on”, and now that he is in “school” school, it’s becoming a legitimate issue.

We’ve tried everything over the years.  EVERYTHING.  I felt like we’ve read every book, tried every form of sticker charts, reward systems, punishments, positive reinforcement.  EVERYTHING.  It’s exhausting to constantly have the kid in every situation where the parents give the side eye because he can’t keep his mitts to himself. I’ve cried myself to sleep many a time just trying to figure out what the hell to do with this, and how to get him to understand.

Secretly we call him Lenny like from Of Mice and Men.  We say he likes to pet the rabbits, but sometimes he just pets too hard.

Now, let’s flash forward a bit to the start of school.  We talked for weeks and weeks leading up to kindergarten about boundaries, personal space, keeping our hands to yourself, etc, etc.,  And on day three, he got on the “red” portion of the color chart for talking out of turn, tattling, and putting his hands on others.  So, we talked and talked and talked about different ideas on how to fix this.

And then the next week, he did the same thing again.

So, the next week, there was punishment.  He lost dessert, he lost TV, and he lost movie night (it was a Friday). And we talked some more, and more, and more.

And then there was a blissful two weeks where his reports were pretty decent, and Troy and I were high fiving each other, because hey “this time something we tried was WORKING”!!!! And it felt really really good.

Let’s now flash forward to Thursday, the day of Jack’s parent teacher conferences.  It was conference week for the whole school, so this wasn’t a specially called conference.  I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant, but I didn’t realize it was going to be a beat down.  Working in corporate, we’re very specific about using “sandwich” style feedback.  You start off by saying something the person does well at, then talk about areas for improvement, and finish with another positive.

Picture a 20 minute conference.  17 of those minutes were “this is everything you kid basically sucks at” (and now, she didn’t use those words, but it felt like it).

Huge issues are: tattling, putting his hands on other kids (newsflash), distracting other kids, and not being an all around great citizen.  She told us she has sent Jack to the interventionist a few times to work on impulse control, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.  She told us she needed us to also work on this at home.  I wanted to sob, because we have.  We have tried SO HARD.  I asked her for additional resources because we had been working on these things, and the suggestion we got back was “be consistent, and if he doesn’t get a good report at school, there needs to be repercussions at home”.  Ack, again, things we’ve tried.

Then the last three minutes were “oh, and he reads at the fourth grade reading level, we stopped testing him for site words at the third grade level, when we do the 15 minute number writing tests, most of the kids flip their lid after 2 minutes of trying to write to 10, but Jack got to 100 in 6 minutes, and was upset he couldn’t keep going”.  Oh, and here is a chart showing the average of all kids in the class and their reading comprehension.  And this line here that goes off that page, well that is Jack.

Before you comment that “Jack is bored and not being challenged”, the answer is for sure.  But in defense of school and his teacher, even while challenged, Jack exhibits similar behaviors, so it’s not just a matter of making sure he is learning at the appropriate level.

So, we came home, feeling like we had been kicked in the gut, and feeling SO discouraged.  That night, while Jack was in the bath, he and I had a really long conversation.  We talked about specific behaviors that needed to be improved, and we also talked about what in the world we were going to do if this continued at school.  I listed bunch of consequences I was thinking of, and then he got to select what thought was appropriate.  Options: no dessert, no TV, and no Nerf guns.  He chose no dessert, and when I said “and for how long” he said “a month”.  I said “let’s dial it back a bit”, and he chose two weeks.  At this point, I was desperate for RESULTS, so we agreed to it.

He also came up with the idea of having something on his desk like a sign that helps him visually remember what to work on.  We talked about what to put on it, and then I said I’d make it over the weekend, and we’d laminate it so it would be strong, and really help him remember.  I took him to school on Friday, and we talked all about impulse control, and what he needed to work on that day.  We talked about making good choices. Just a point of clarification, we always discuss good CHOICES and bad CHOICES, instead of “you were a bad kid today”.  We want to him to realize that the choices he makes now don’t define who he is, i.e., “that was a bad choice, but you’re still a good kid”.  I felt pumped!  He was board, I was on board, and this was going to work.

And then I picked him up from school and was told that he was in trouble twice in for the same thing (putting his hands on other kids) within 50 minutes of the day starting.

I have never wanted to scream so loud and for so long in my life.  The amount of incompetency I felt in that moment as a parent cannot be measured.  Maybe NASA can figure out a scale that would adequately demonstrate my sense of hopelessness in that moment.

We got in the car, and Jack said “I lost dessert, didn’t I” and I said “yep”.  We got home, and he smarted off to me, and I sent him to his room.  For a really long time.  I couldn’t properly speak to him when I was in that frame of mind.  It wouldn’t be fair my extreme anger in that moment to be projected on to him.  It was only what I could describe as an out of body moment.  I was watching myself crumble and deconstruct in the kitchen.

So he stayed in his room for a really long time.  I went in there, and he had fallen asleep on his bed.

I woke him up, and we talked about why he was in his room for so long.  And then, because I was all out of rational words at that moment, I broke down.  I sobbed, I ugly cried.  I whole body shook cried.  Which naturally set Jack off crying.  When we could both calm down long enough to talk, I explained why I was crying and how I was so frustrated that I didn’t have any more words to explain my feelings.  We then started crying again, and he said “I’ll do better mommy, I promise” which just broke my heart and made me sob harder.

We sat on his bedroom floor crying, rocking, and snuggling for probably 45 minutes.  I kept hugging him, and kissing him, and we wiped each others tears.  I ended it with “I will always love you no matter what, but this behavior has to stop”.

And we went out to the computer and made the sign we talked about taping to his desk at school:

  • F: Feet and hands to myself at all times.
  • O: Only talk when called on. No tattling!
  • C: Carefully do my work and not distract others.
  • U: Use my words and not my body. No tattling!
  • S: Space bubble – respect other’s personal space.

FOCUS JACK! Make good choices!

Troy was gone last night, so Jack and I ended up sleeping in my bed, crying a bit more, and snuggling pretty much most of the night.  Please note, Jack does consider a foot in my ribs while in deep sleep “snuggling”.

I woke up this morning, realizing he had a birthday party to go to this morning, and holy crud, what about the whole no dessert thing.  I thought “hey, let’s get some input”, and posted the following on Facebook:

Would love some input. After Jack’s behavior yesterday at school, I took away dessert for 2 weeks.

He has a birthday party today. Do I include the cake as dessert and make him sit this one out? On one hand, that shows I mean business. On the other hand, he’ll be super called out at the party because of it.

Leaning towards allowing him to earn a small slice of cake based on his behavior at the party. And then no dessert at home for 2 weeks still stand.

What say you? Help me find the perfect mix of “Hurricane Hardass” and “help him improve”!

And wow, there were some comments indeed.  I would say most were civil and helpful, but some where so far out of left field that I thought “they don’t know the background here, and I did a piss poor job of explaining the situation”.  There seemed to be a lot of questions about how being punished at home by taking away the dessert  at home helped him realize his behavior at school, and that the type of punishment should reflect what he did wrong.  So, I posted this:

Ok, so it seems like my last post didn’t give enough info. my bad!

1) today’s party is not for Jack. his birthday is in april. I would not take him as a punishment but the host prepaid for each kid. I would just give her cash, but we pulled out of this same party last yr because of a last minute cold.

2) the issue at school is ongoing since school started. we had a conference with jack’s teacher on Thurs. Thurs night jack and I had a long talk about what if things didn’t improve, what would the consequences be. HE chose the dessert as his punishment for future reoccurances of the same behavior. Including the length of time.

3) he got in trouble the very next day for the same thing at school. He knew what was coming if he didn’t improve.

4) he is getting in trouble for being handsy and in people’s faces at school. To make the punishment fit the crime, what would I do…not touch him or hug him for a day or so?

There is more to this behavior thing at school which I will post in my blog tomorrow, but the important facts are he chose his dessert punishment and had many many warnings before the hammer came down.

hope that clears up any questions!

And wouldn’t you believe it, it didn’t clear up any questions.  It seems to have brought out more, including being accused of shaming my kid, him likely having ADHD, and being the kind of mother that wouldn’t hug my child as a punishment.  I really think we need to teach people how to read sarcasm in 10th grade English.

And then Jack and I went to the party, which was like the North Korea of dead zones for cell reception, and I didn’t really have a chance to read many more comments because I couldn’t even access texts on my phone.

And it was a good thing (I’m really starting a lot of sentences with “and” today…),  a really really REALLY good thing.  Because I could think about the situation and be calm, rather than being an ass all over Facebook trying to defend myself.

It was a roller skating party, and my boy can’t skate to save his life.  We held hands, and went very slowly around the rink.  VERY slowly, and I pipped in with some tips, and tricks, and MY thoughts on how HE should learn to skate.

And it didn’t work.  He ended up falling a ton, which I knew was going to happen, but he was having none of it.  He got so frustrated at one point, that he “skated” away from me saying “I don’t want your help”.  He ended up falling in the middle of the rink.  Lots of kids skated by him and said “you should get up”, and a few skated over to me saying “Jack fell”.

I really didn’t want to run out there and just pick him up.  I needed him to learn that even when you feel awful because you can’t do something, or can’t do something well, you can always get back up and try again.

After watching him struggle for a bit, a little girl who was great at skating, skated over.  She didn’t say anything, she didn’t tell him he wasn’t doing it correctly, she silently held out her hand, and helped him up, and they skated off together.  Jack later told me “skating was fun with a friend”.

And isn’t that what we all need some times?  To be allowed to make mistakes without being humiliated, told we’re wrong, and that clearly we’re terrible at this task?  It seems like a hand up, a smile, and some grace speaks so much more than anything.

So, to people on Facebook who suggested books, and other things, I’ve written them down and will be checking them out at the library.  I’ve probably read it already, but it doesn’t hurt to try again, right?  If we fall down, we get back up.

To anyone who had less than helpful comments, and felt better about themselves by trying to make me feel bad about my parenting, I offer you my hand, a smile, and hoping that this tough ass job we call motherhood would be better experienced with a friend.

God bless.