1. I love the story about your Mom. I lost my Mom to cancer almost 6 years ago. She loved the Rolling Stones, and every time I hear them on the radio, it makes me feel like she’s checking in on me. And like Bennett, I often say hi to her.

  2. Time. I need time before my husband gets home to actually make a decent meal. Sigh. I already do online ordering from for my groceries so I’m getting a bit of it back but still there just isn’t enough time

  3. Monday – lamb chops and a baked veg/quinoa salad; Tuesday – cilantro-lime chicken with avocado salsa; Wed – tacos with the usual sides; Thur – zucchini ravioli with sweet potato filling in a tomato/basil sauce; Fri – whatever my husband makes!! ps we love BLTAs too but we call them BLATs!!

  4. My dentist is also an orthodontist and with my three boys he told me he wanted to wait on making decisions on ortho treatments or pulling teeth until all adult teeth came in. He said sometimes the child’s jaw grows and the teeth end up fitting. With my first boy this approach made me VERY anxious because I knew so many parents who started with ortho when their kids were 9 and 10 yrs old (pulling teeth, expanding the palette etc). Plus my kids teeth were huge and crooked. Sure enough by the time all his teeth came in, his jaw had grown and there wasn’t a need for ortho or pulling teeth. With boy #2 and #3 we weren’t so lucky. But, I am glad we took that approach because I think it kept us from spending a lot of unnecessary money and it was unnecessary pain for my son. Something to consider….

    • Thank you for that. Our dentist doesn’t think anything will be happening right away but wants us to see the ortho to come up with our roadmap/game plan for his mouth. She didn’t even want us to see him until Jack lost all his front baby teeth, which has happened. She said that any ortho that puts full braces on a kid before they are 12 is not doing anyone other than their wallet a service. So I do feel that she has Jack’s best interest at heart and won’t do anything without reason.

      Randomly Jack is missing some adult teeth! It came to light when he had some xrays done; they’re just not there. So he has a random extra tooth pretty much growing under his tongue but is missing some permanent molars. This kid’s mouth is a hot mess. 🙂

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